About this Blog

I write for a variety of reasons on this site: To reflect, to enjoy the craft of writing, to share the great work I am engaged in as the principal at Mineral Point Elementary School, and to explore my own possibilities within the education profession.

As the word play within the title for this site suggests, I believe school leaders should be readers themselves and know literacy as well as anyone else in their building. It sets the culture, tone, and expectations for all other important initiatives to happen in a school.


Many of my posts have a literacy focus, sometimes with technology and leadership ideas embedded in the content. To be a leader, we have to be a reader!


You may notice specific businesses and organizations highlighted on the right side of this blog.

I am open to allowing individuals to promote their product and interests, provided they align with the purpose of this site and the topics I write about online. Funds raised go to support the costs associated with my work, including but not limited to WordPress fees, the books and technology that I review, and any expenses related to presentations I give at educational events.

If you are interested in becoming a site sponsor, fill out the form below to contact me about details.


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