Evernote for Digital Portfolios – Game on

Originally posted on Periods of Reflection:
So, after reading Matt Renwick’s Book about Digital Portfolios, I’ve decided to dive right in and give it a whirl.  So, here it goes.  I will be reflecting and providing honest feedback periodically throughout the year to share my successes and failures.  I have decided to use Evernote as…

Google or Evernote: Which Tool Do You Prefer for Capturing Student Learning?

This question, in so many words, was asked by Cathy Mere. She is wondering about the same thing that I am, and maybe you are too. Here is my response: photo credit: melenita2012 via photopin cc I have three reading interventionists in my building. One of them started using Evernote with her iPad this year. … Continue reading “Google or Evernote: Which Tool Do You Prefer for Capturing Student Learning?”

Three Ways to Use Evernote in Action Research

We are very familiar with Evernote in our school. Our staff collects, organizes and shares out student work in the form of digital portfolios with this application via iPads. Parents can see their son’s or daughter’s progress as it is happening. Our portfolio night in April has now become a Showcase Night. Evernote’s ability to … Continue reading “Three Ways to Use Evernote in Action Research”

Using Evernote for Literacy Instruction

This screencast was created to present four ideas for how teachers and students can use Evernote during the K-5 literacy block. The content shared here started our staff’s fourth and final tech night of the year. While this quick tutorial was nice for considering what’s possible, we really appreciated our Skype guest Cathy Mere (@cathymere), author of More … Continue reading “Using Evernote for Literacy Instruction”

Use Post-Its + Evernote For Ongoing Literacy Assessment

Evernote has partnered with Post-it notes. How could this apply to the classroom? Primarily, it can allow a teacher to digitize any notes they might write about their students on a Post-it into an Evernote notebook. You take a picture of the note with Evernote, and it is saved within your web-based account. This can … Continue reading “Use Post-Its + Evernote For Ongoing Literacy Assessment”

Evernote Smart Notebook – Is it Worth it?

I just received my Evernote Smart Notebook from Moleskine. I have been wanting to try this paper/digital tool for a while. The Evernote technology is able to “read” your handwriting and make it searchable within your notes. As a principal, I could document meeting notes electronically and not having to lug around technology all the … Continue reading “Evernote Smart Notebook – Is it Worth it?”

Using Evernote to Confer with Readers and Writers

On January 31, I shared with several teachers about the possibilities of using Evernote to document student learning in literacy. Led by Amber Garbe (@ReadattheEDGE), this group of reading teachers have a growth mindset. They did not get frustrated when the technology did not always work for them. I enjoyed learning with these teachers. The … Continue reading “Using Evernote to Confer with Readers and Writers”

Feedback After an Evernote and iPad Workshop

I recently hosted a one hour technology session for district staff. The topic: Using Evernote on the iPad to Confer With and Assess Readers. Afterward, I emailed each participant a survey via Google Forms to gather feedback. The last question I posed was, “What is one way you see using Evernote with the iPad in … Continue reading “Feedback After an Evernote and iPad Workshop”

Examples of Practice: Using iPads and Evernote When Assessing Readers

All K-12 teachers are reading teachers. The school, grade level and content area we work in does not matter. In every classroom, a random group of students will come in with varying degrees of reading ability. And their levels of ability can and do differentiate based on which skill we choose to focus on. That … Continue reading “Examples of Practice: Using iPads and Evernote When Assessing Readers”

Technology-Enhanced Instruction for English Learners

About a year and a half ago, I facilitated a one day workshop on behalf of Missouri’s Department of Education. Participating educators wanted to learn about how technology such as digital portfolios might enhance instruction for the English learners they worked with. While I felt comfortable sharing about technologies could enhance instruction, I was less … Continue reading “Technology-Enhanced Instruction for English Learners”