Write to Reveal

Writing is a skill that needs constant attention, reflection, and effort. The more we write, the more we learn. It’s a generative process. We pull ideas from our connections and experiences from our lives to create something new. This leads to more possibilities.

By not writing regularly, we leave unfinished thoughts along the side of the road, like a piece of furniture that has outlived its usefulness, at least to us. But what seems unnecessary or mundane from our point of view might be a real find for others.

When we explore and unpack our ideas and experiences through the process of writing on a regular basis, we reveal what was once hidden to ourselves and to others. Our perspectives as educators and professionals deserve attention. What we have to say is worth sharing.


Author: Matt Renwick

Matt Renwick is an 18-year public educator who began as a 5th and 6th-grade teacher in Rudolph, WI. He now serves as an elementary principal for the Mineral Point Unified School District (http://mineralpointschools.org/). Matt also teaches online graduate courses in curriculum design and instructional leadership for the University of Wisconsin-Superior. He tweets @ReadByExample and writes for ASCD (www.ascd.org) and Lead Literacy (www.leadliteracy.com).

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