When Less is More

I am sharing this with my staff tonight on our blog, possibly the last one for a while…

I failed last week to get a Friday Focus out. I see the world is still spinning. To be honest, now that there is a Friday Focus and a Monday Musings, I am struggling to find the time and the content to do both well. My initial purpose for starting this staff blog was two fold: To share more information, and to model how you might use a 21st century tool with your students.

I hope I have accomplished both. However, the last couple of weeks I have noticed on the statistics that there are less people viewing the blog. That could be because I was embedding the posts in the emails. But I am also seeing a pattern: The only times when people view the blog are on the days they are published. Blogs are meant to be come back to, kind of a home base for information. Maybe it is redundant with our Howe Google Site.

With that, I would like you to check out the poll to the right. Please answer it honestly. I will continue the Friday Focus regardless. There is something about having a piece of paper in your hands that makes our ideas in writing permanent and real. For instance, although I have stopped printing my emails out quite a while ago, I still find myself preferring to read the news on actual paper.

If you would like to take a crack at posting your own thoughts online in a safe environment, maybe our Google Site is where this could take place. The audience is limited to us. For example, you could post a video tutorial you and/or your students created, explaining an academic concept or showing how to use a tool on the iPad. I will ask PTC if they would support your extra efforts with the iTunes cards again. I appreciate your willingness to continue innovating with me on behalf of student learning.

Author: Matt Renwick

Matt Renwick is an 18-year public educator who began as a 5th and 6th-grade teacher in Rudolph, WI. He now serves as an elementary principal for the Mineral Point Unified School District (http://mineralpointschools.org/). Matt also teaches online graduate courses in curriculum design and instructional leadership for the University of Wisconsin-Superior. He tweets @ReadByExample and writes for ASCD (www.ascd.org) and Lead Literacy (www.leadliteracy.com).

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