Regie Routman Keynote – WSRA 2013

  1. Had such a great day w/ teachers at #WSRA13 yesterday! Today I get to write with young authors all morning before heading home!
  2. @leah_whit w/Regie Routman at #WSRA13 We were so enthralled meeting her yesterday that we forgot a photo #heroworship
  3. Last day at #WSRA13, waiting to hear what final gems of wisdom I can gain.
  4. #WSRA13 Regie Routman- “I’m not really involved in School Reform, but instead I work on School Change.”
  5. Principals need to know literacy. Seems to be a theme in the past few days of leaning. @regieroutman #WSRA13
  6. #WSRA13 Regie Routman – “Principals are critical in any Literacy improvement program efforts. They must be involved & informed.”
  7. #wsra13 Totally impressed @regieroutman is using an iPad for her presentation this morning-Love how she wants to honor Tt/Ss & share the joy
  8. Even more important than being data is being student-driven @regieroutman,@ #wsra13
  9. Possibilities. Authenticity. Urgency. Sustainability. Enjoyment. PAUSE. #WSRA13 @regieroutman
  10. #WSRA13 Regie Routman. – PAUSE= Possibilities, Authenticity, Urgency, Sustainability, ENJOYMENT! Be Common Sense Aligned not Common Core
  11. Proud that WI is not just implementing CCSS. WI is empowering teachers and refining practice. #WSRA13 @regieroutman @WisDPICCSS
  12. Stop thinking of the race to the top and embark on the journey to excellence #wsra13
  13. #wsra13 “I have never been in a school where the expectations were too high. Adult expectations are everything.” @regieroutman
  14. #WSRA13 Regie Routman- you must start with the whole text when teaching Reading & Writing, not pieces of text.
  15. #WSRA13 Teaching text in bits & pieces is like creating by making people watch a 5 minute clip of a movie & then trying to gain deep meaning
  16. Beliefs determine practices. Resources support out beliefs. #WSRA13 @regieroutman
  17. “If we focus on excellent instruction, test scores will take care of themselves.” Regie Routman@ #wsra13
  18. #WSRA13 Regie Routman – “The hardest thing to do is engage their hearts & minds, but after you do that, Anything is Possible!”
  19. “Conferring is the hardest part of teaching reading & writing.” @regieroutman #WSRA13
  20. #WSRA13 Regie Routman- ” take the time for Read Alouds.” Kids need to see & hear the quality of the literature. #modeling
  21. #wsra13— great time at WSRA this year. WI educators seemed incredibly eager to grow and help their students. Proud to live and work here!!
  22. “kids are willing to do hard work if they understand the outcome” – Routman #WSRA13
  23. #WSRA13 Regie Routman- “drop book reports and have students write book reviews.” #readingwritingconnection
  24. @kluedeke that’s how I felt the entire convention…just following #WSRA13 allowed me to learn from ALL the sectionals.
  25. #WSRA13 Regie Routman- Guided Reading is a means to an end. Kids need time 2 independently read & the chance to read books of their choosing
  26. I highly rec’d the Regie Routman in Residence PD. It’s made a huge impact on student learning in my school. #WSRA13
  27. #WSRA13 Regie Routman – The reading/writing connection is so important. Public Conferences R very powerful. They can build up struggling Ss
  28. Focus on the writer first, and then the writing. Regie Routman #wsra13
  29. #WSRA13 Regie Routman- “Focus on the Writer first and the writing second. ” Don’t crush the spirit. It’s done easier than U think
  30. #wsra13 Teachers need to demonstrate/model and make their reading/thinking/text selection/problem solving processes visible. @regieroutman
  31. “Students need to do the work themselves. It would be faster for us to do it, but where is the learning?” Regie Routman #WSRA13
  32. #wsra13 Pretty sure I would love Public Celebration Conferences, the Bling Tour & 2 drink morning coffee in the garden with @regieroutman
  33. Kids become readers through practice. Independent reading is essential! #WSRA13 @regieroutman
  34. Posting learning targets is not enough to transform learning. Kids need to actually understand the target. #WSRA13
  35. The best learning targets are “I can” statements written by students. @regieroutman #WSRA13

Author: Matt Renwick

Matt Renwick is an 18-year public educator who began as a 5th and 6th-grade teacher in Rudolph, WI. He now serves as an elementary principal for the Mineral Point Unified School District ( Matt also teaches online graduate courses in curriculum design and instructional leadership for the University of Wisconsin-Superior. He tweets @ReadByExample and writes for ASCD ( and Lead Literacy (

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