Digital Student Portfolios

Update (8/13/14): Below are a few posts I have written recently for other blogs and websites. They are more or less related to my book, which you can now purchase from Powerful Learning Practice:

The Power of Digital Student Portfolios (SmartBrief)

Sustaining Engagement (Stenhouse)

How Teachers Can Become Fluent in Classroom Technology (Ed Tech K-12)

Digital Student Portfolios: A Whole School Approach (MiddleWeb)

How Do Digital Portfolios Help Students Learn? (Powerful Learning Practice)

Create a Classroom Blog with ( for Education)

And if you are looking to discuss digital student portfolios, consider joining our Google+ Community!

This page is dedicated to my book Digital Student Portfolios: A Whole School Approach to Connected Learning and Continuous Assessment. It will be published through Powerful Learning Practice in the summer of 2014. Jessica Johnson (@PrincipalJ) and Curt Rees (@curtrees) have kindly agreed to write the forward to this book.


This book started as a simple Google Doc. In 2011, I made a booklet for my staff, to guide us as we learned how to use iPads. Two years later, I thought I would make another iPad booklet for staff, as we had some new people in my school. As I wrote, the document got bigger and bigger and bigger.

While I was writing this, I was also taking a course titled Connected Coaching with Lani Ritter Hall, through Powerful Learning Practice. As I perused the PLP website, I saw that they were looking for new authors to publish practical resources about the day-to-day, in-the-trenches experiences of educators working in schools.

Making this new booklet was on my own time. It was growing by the day. Why not try to get it published? I thought. I submitted it, and John Norton, chief editor at Powerful Learning Practice, responded back with interest.

This book details my school’s journey toward integrating technology in authentic and meaningful ways. Digital portfolios is the primary avenue that we follow to accomplish this goal. My hope is that the book will give readers an honest perspective of what is really involved when attempting to embed digital tools into the classroom. With any change, there were ups and downs. But the journey is just as important as the outcome when learning anything new. And as life long learners, we are always on the journey!

Stay tuned for screencasts and other resources related to digital student portfolios. Once the book is available for purchase or pre-order, I will include that link here.

Screencasts and Doodlecasts

Here are some of the multimedia from the book. I use screencasts for step-by-step instructions. Doodlecasts are useful when explaining a more complex concept through metaphors and analogies.

16 thoughts on “Digital Student Portfolios

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  4. I look forward to learning a great deal about how to thoughtfully support districts moving to digital classrooms. It’s necessary! And also FUN! Thanks, Matt, for this preview!

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